The following is an email I wrote some years ago to a group of friends as we planned taking magic mushrooms for the first time. I felt the need to share this as I think it is a good guide to help people have a safe and productive trip. Psychedelics are nothing to mess around with if you aren’t prepared so hopefully this piece will help those of you thinking about taking the ride. Please note that names have been removed to protect privacy.

Ok guys just a bit of info about it all. First of all check out Which is a wealth of information about mushrooms including trip reports, general information etc.

The trip will last about 5 hours give or take, and I’m planning a dose of around 1.5grams for each of us which should give us all a nice light happy time, giving us a nice feel for what they are without throwing us completely into the rabbit hole. If anyone is feeling really adventurous or a little bit worried about it the dose can be changed accordingly.
They are in powdered form, so think of a way to consume them! You can eat the powder as is but it’s probably not the tastiest thing you will eat and could start you off in a bad way (nausea is not uncommon with shrooms). I will probably be putting mine in some yoghurt or with honey or something to get rid of some of the taste, but there are some tea recipes (probably on erowid (the link above) as well) and a few other routes of administration!

Tripping can be a strange thing. I haven’t taken mushrooms before (only other psychedelics), and this is a fairly light dose so it probably won’t be anything like this, but expect to have ideas and thought patterns that you aren’t used to. Racing thoughts and weird epiphanies are very possible, you will be surprised how much sense some strange things will make (“Wow man, curtains are so obvious, how come people don’t pay more attention to them…they are the answer to everything”) .You may think you have lost your mind, or gone insane, or lost touch with what reality is, but rest assured you are under the effects of a drug and you will be fine again…this is often how “bad trips” start, a fear of being stuck like that or something. Go with the flow, don’t fight back because the drugs will win and you will only get anxious, go with it and see what they will show you, embrace the crazyness and enjoy new complex ideas. Remember you are amongst friends and nothing can harm you!

I usually write a hand written note saying “I have taken ____ I am still sane and everything is ok, I’ll be fine again by 10pm” or whatever, this can be soothing if you are having a hard time.

Over the next few days I’d recommend de-stressing, maybe even some meditation. Try not to go into the experience feeling depressed or stressed.
If you are really keen I’d suggest taking some vitamins and eating a bit healthy too. Exercise helps clear the mind as well!
The biggest factors with psychedelics is “set and setting” which refers to your mind set (be happy and open) and physical setting. The plan is for ***** and my ***** old house, which is a little run down but very homely and comfortable, we won’t be disturbed there and there is a nice back yard to go and chill in if you need a change of scenery (Nature is meant to be amazing on shrooms).

What to bring?
For a start bring some comfy bedding like a blow up mattress and some blankets, pillows and sleeping bag.
Some healthy food or other things you like to eat, I’d suggest some fruit, maybe some nuts, natural food. Maccas is close but at least during the trip I don’t imagine you will want to be eating a big greasy big mac.

Ipod/Music player. We will have tunes set up and ****** is gonna bring his HDD with his music on it, but you may feel like being on your own or taking a walk or something so bring your own music player too just in case!
Drawing accessories are great too, pens, paper and pencils so you can write and draw. Drawing is the best 😀
Bring some cool pictures or posters if you have any laying around, a lot of great art and ideas are drug induced so you will be able to see greater depth and get a new understanding about art works.

Bring some drinks as well, if for nothing more than coming down. A little drink before hand can ease the nerves a little too if you are nervous, but I wouldn’t go overboard before you start tripping.

Some joints and cigarettes if you smoke. Smoking will probably feel really amazing  when you are tripping so you may go through a pack. Pre-roll some joints too if you want to have a smoke during (this will intensify the trip), and for after as well.

I can’t think of anything else really at the moment other than to say it should be a really fun, giggly night! I look forward to hearing all your intimate feelings and emotions 😀

Peace and love,
That guy in the bushes.

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